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MES System Helps Yeda Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Improve Quality
Yeda Industrial is a professional camera manufacturing enterprise that uses MES systems in its production process, making positive contributions to improving product quality and production efficiency.

Firstly, Yeda Industrial uses an MES system for production scheduling and process control during the production process, ensuring the smooth execution of production plans and avoiding production delays and waste. At the same time, the MES system can monitor various parameters during the production process, including temperature, humidity, time, speed, etc., timely detect abnormal situations and take measures to ensure stable product quality.

Secondly, Yeda Industrial uses an MES system for material management, from procurement, warehousing, outbound to consumption, achieving precise measurement and timely supply of materials, avoiding production delays and cost increases caused by material shortages or waste.

In addition, Yeda Industrial also utilizes the MES system for quality management, ensuring that products meet quality requirements through quality inspection and control at all stages of the production process, and promptly detecting and correcting defective products, thereby improving the quality stability of the products.

Finally, Yeda Industrial utilizes the MES system for data analysis and decision support. By collecting, processing, and analyzing various data during the production process, various reports and charts are generated to help enterprise managers understand production conditions, make timely decisions, optimize production processes, and improve production efficiency and quality.

In summary, the MES system has played an important role in Yeda Industrial's camera manufacturing process, helping enterprises achieve automation, digitization, and intelligence in the production process, improving product quality and production efficiency, reducing costs and risks, and enhancing enterprise competitiveness.